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the OFFICE l i m s

a last icon maker standing contest

The OFFICE l i m s
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1. You must join and friend the community in order to participate in the challenges.

2. Then you need to sign up. When signing up you MUST put "Game on" in the subject or somewhere in your comment.

3. The specific rules will be posted with each challenge. Each icon has to follow the obvious standards: no more than 100x100 in size, and no more than 40 kbs. All entries must be posted as a reply to the challenge post (comments will be screened) and they cannot be from any previous batches. Fresh new icons YOU made for the challenge.

4. Each week, a challenge is posted. All participants still on the running must submit an icon to the challenge. You must enter each challenge until you are voted out, or you will be automatically disqualified.

How to post your entry (example):


5. You are allowed up to 1 extra skip, but you must notify me prior to when voting for the first challenge goes up. Skip Post is HERE.

6. Voting will be posted on Fridays. Please do NOT vote for your own icons! That defeats the purpose of this competition. You can, however, vote positively or negatively for any icons except your own.

7. Every Sunday results will be posted and a new challenge will go up.

8. Please, be aware that you might have to handle negative things about your icons. It's nothing personal, as all entries are anonymous. If you can't take being voted out, then this isn't the community for you.

Round 01 - icrush
Round 02 - agent00
Round 03 - partitioning
Round 04 - xlovetodayx

Round 01 - agent00
Round 02 - shimmeryshine
Round 03 - takethewords
Round 04 - alfiri


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