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Round 4 Sign-ups and Skips

Hey all, I'm Alex and I've just inherited officelims from brasiliana :D I'd like to start Round Four as soon as possible, so this entry will function as the sign-up and skips post. Each participant is allowed 1 skip throughout the entire round. Mention officelims in your community, personal journal or icon journal and post a link here to the post where you did so, and you'll recieve an extra skip. In the event that your journal/comm is friends only, a screengrab of the entry will do. Once we're down to 6 participants, you'll no longer be allowed to skip. I'm going to try to run a tight ship (: That means voting on Friday and results/a new challenge on Sunday.

Also, Sign-ups are open at scrubslims if you're interested.

Round Four Participants
1. sideviewhotel - 1 (Disqualified)
2. thedreamygirl - 1
3. alfiri - 1
4. elsbythe - 1 (Eliminated in Challenge Three)
5. spadul - 1,2 (Eliminated in Challenge Two)
6. margarie - 1 (Dropped Out)
7. boo___you_whore - 1 (Eliminated in Challenge Four)
8. roonzilwazlib - 1 (Eliminated in Challenge One)
9. xlovetodayx - 1
Tags: round 4, sign-ups, skips
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